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Клиент: Ford Sollers


We want perspective customers to consider us as a more lifestyle-relevant and exciting  brand. As a brand we're also targeting to shift perception towards an SUV brand vs a Focus brand image. Ford as an SUV brand: use existing SUV footage cut to build up SUV expertise. Spot sports block in itogi. 

Sponsorship opportunities - time after the Weather (before Sport block) in "Itogi". 


Russia is a very beautiful and diverse country. However, films on this subject are rare. Materials mainly deal with the negative side of life - social and political problems. People forget in what a wonderful place they live. These short films can be very inspiring and surprising not only because they show the  dynamics and beauty of the car but also because they showcase a new vision of the country – in which people can take pride. And of course, this is a perfect opportunity to show the SUV’s capabilities.

Majestic nature of Russia “through the eyes” of Explorer Sport. Beautiful dynamic shots of SUV in various parts of Russia under different weather conditions (one place and one weather for each execution). 


Titles give information about the weather and the location. For Example, "Winter. Sochi". Or "Foggy morning. Kamchatka" or ”- 20 C, Siberia”.